Did you know there is much more to commercial cleaning than simply going over everything with a duster and a mop? It requires that all areas of the space receive an equal amount of attention, including those that are hard to reach and that is hidden from view. In addition, you must keep in mind that most workplaces see a large amount of traffic every day, so it doesn’t take long for things to become dirty. So, in light of this, what can you expect your service to provide you with in their visits?


Most workplaces will receive commercial cleaning on either a weekly or fortnightly basis, so you must choose a service that will always be on time. If you have booked them in for a Tuesday after hours, it is not acceptable for them to rock up at Wednesday lunchtime simply because they ran out of time the night before. You have strict schedules to adhere to, and so do they.


More often than not, your cleaning will be undertaken after hours, which means the staff will be in your workplace without supervision. You are relying on honest people who will not take advantage of your resources (such as telephones and computers) and who will not collect sensitive information that can be used against you (such as being sold to your competitors).


  • The service that you employ should provide you with an office that has undergone cleaning to your satisfaction. Before you sign a contract, you will likely take the staff around and show them the areas that require attention regularly. When you arrive at your workplace the morning after, these areas should be thoroughly clean and sanitized to your specifications.


While you will have a set of cleaning tasks that will need to be completed during every visit, there might be some additional tasks that need to be undertaken on the odd occasion. These might include a carpet steam clean (especially if there is a stain) and window washing. Is the staff able to undertake these tasks on the odd occasion, or do they say you will need to organize it yourself?


Nobody wants to spend a fortune on commercial cleaning, especially with the economy as it is now. Your chosen service should charge appropriately for the time their staff spends cleaning your workplace. Whether this is charged at an hourly rate or as a flat fee at every visit is entirely up to them, but it is up to you to determine the affordability.

When choosing a commercial cleaning service to keep your workplace tidy, you must look for each of the above traits in your search. It will make sure that you are pleased with the decision that you have made and that your workplace will be prepared to receive clients every single morning. It would help if you never made a decision based solely on cost or reliability; however, as you could find that the service is lacking in other areas, later on, you must choose wisely.


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