Most US-based homeowners consider home floods isolated incidents and aren’t fully aware of the fact that flash floods are powerful disrupting factors threatening all 50 American states. Moreover, recent studies indicate that up to 90% of all major disasters recorded on US territory up to this point have involved at least one type of flood. In addition, it seems that these misfortunate events that trigger panic and chaos also impact our finances, considering that they cost the American government approximately 2.9 billion dollars annually. In this context, all families should count on effective preventive measures designed and implemented to limit water damage on their property if and when flooding occurs. Here are a few flood tips that will help you preserve your resources and protect your belongings in this particular situation:

1) Eliminate excess water promptly

Assuming that a devastating flood did catch you by surprise, act fast to minimize its negative impact. Start by eliminating excess water from your home decoration elements (furniture, carpet, cushions, curtains, and so on). Next, carefully remove all wet objects from the floor to avoid further complications, such as extensive mold contamination. Then, during summer, you can quickly turn on the air conditioner to dry your water-damaged home effectively. Finally, all colored decorative elements affected by flood water should be collected and stored in a safe place, as they can stain your floor and carpets.

2) Protect your valuable belongings

Make sure you can count on at least one entirely safe spot inside your home, where you could easily hide your most valuable assets (paintings, jewelry, fur coats) to protect them against irreparable water damage.

3) Learn to avoid further complications and significant safety risks

Most people panic and act irrationally when a flood gradually destroys everything they’ve ever worked for. Try to stay calm and avoid major mistakes which could make things worse and even expose you to tremendous safety risks. Don’t leave wet carpets in place, and don’t forget to mop the floor. This way, you will prevent dangerous slip-and-fall accidents. Do not use electric appliances, and don’t try to remove excess water using your vacuum.

4) Count on a team of certified, insured, experienced water damage specialists

If you want to minimize the impact of a flood on your household items, it is always recommended to opt for professional services. A team of competent, trustworthy water damage specialists using high-end tools and equipment will be able to solve your problem in record time, enabling you to profit from a cost-efficient restoration exactly when you need it the most. In addition, all the flood tips listed above will help you cope with minimal expenses usually triggered by a water-damaged home while avoiding further complications and safety risks.


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