Collectively, Americans spend over $300 billion on remodeling annually. Like others, you have probably looked online for ideas for your home. But unfortunately, if you have looked online for decorating ideas, you have probably seen plenty of sites that make you feel inadequate.

You may feel like duplicating the flashy ideas on leading design sites; you need an unlimited budget and time. While you would likely require both things to duplicate those ideas identically, with some creative thinking and shopping, you can replicate the hottest redecorating trends without breaking the bank.

When you’re ready to change how your home looks, consider the following time- and money-saving ideas:


You may give your home a new look by rearranging the items you own. You may even want to provide the furniture with a fresh coat of paint or use it for a new purpose. For example, you could take a nightstand you barely use, paint it a bright spring color, and use it below a large mirror in your home’s entryway. Put a bowl for keys on top, and no one will ever know you bought the original piece of furniture from a bedroom store.


Talk to your family or neighbors about furniture or accessory swap. Try to match up similar-value items and make a permanent or temporary trade. Of course, you never want to swap any items that are of financial or sentimental value, but the exercise could be fun for both sides when basic décor is rearranged from one house to another.

Buying secondhand.

Forget any misconceptions you have about buying used furniture or décor. Many people get rid of good condition items simply because they want a change or have no more room in their homes. Stretch your decorating budget by blending secondhand items like bed frames with a new organic mattress or a used coffee table with a new loveseat or recliner.

Shopping sales.

If you give yourself a few months, you can better gauge what items will be on sale and when, giving you great deals at furniture, décor, and mattress stores in Los Angeles. You may even want to ask a sales associate for advice on the best time to buy a particular item. Usually, furniture store personnel will be upfront with you to keep your long-term business.

Freshening up.

Instead of completely removing a piece of furniture or group of accessories, look for ways to make them look new. Maybe you need new throw pillows or a slipcover to give your living room a new look. Perhaps repainting your walls or adding an area rug will brighten your bedroom. Furniture is expensive, but complementary accessories are often a better bet.

To give the perception that your house is worth a million dollars, you don’t need to have a lot of money. Instead, make small changes over the long term, and you will save money while transforming your home décor. Of course, you can still browse the home decorating sites for inspiration—but don’t let them intimidate you or make you feel like you’re lacking something. With some creativity and planning, your home can look just as good as the ones decorated by the pros.


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