Visit New York City’s Times Square, and you’ll enter a world of sound, culture, entertainment, and lights (lots of them). But, based on where you live, you may not have to go to the heart of Times Square to feel like you’re living in a light bubble. Unfortunately, it is what happened to people living in an apartment near the New School University Center.

Discount blinds could help people sleep better.

People living across the street from the Center have voiced their concerns over the Center’s lights. It’s not that the lights are bright; they are kept on throughout the night. “Nearly finished, the 16-story University Center at 14th Street and Fifth Avenue shines so much light on nearby buildings that window blinds don’t do much to block it, residents said,” according to DNAinfo New York.

The number one way to eliminate the problem would be for administrators at the Center to turn the lights off at night. Another option is for residents to install discount blinds like bamboo blinds, wood blinds, and roller shades at their windows. Discount blinds like blackout blinds and shades are built to block human-made lights and reduce the amount of natural sunlight that enters a living or workspace.

Some estimates say these discount blinds block out as much as 99% of light. It’s these blinds that photographers and studio owners hang in their workspaces. Although it’s not always mentioned, there’s another byproduct of using these discount blinds. That byproduct is a reduced amount of external sound that enters spaces where the blinds are.

The price of some blackout blinds might give residents living across the street from the New School University Center and other people living near well-lit buildings. Because the blinds aren’t as common as curtains, traditional shades, and pull-string blinds, retailers can afford to sell the window treatments at premiere prices.

In these cases, people may want to contact interior design stores that regularly sell window treatments at below-market prices. For example, Payless Decor sells discount blinds at up to 30% less than some other retailers. By checking out ratings on the blinds, homeowners could increase the chances of purchasing quality products at prices worth bragging about.

However, the discount blinds won’t present advantages unless they make it easier for children and adults to sleep better. The blinds that people hang in their homes have to block out enough light to make it easier for people to not only fall to sleep faster but to stay asleep during weather storms and early mornings. This deeper sleep has positive effects on overall mental health.

Sleeping better at night allows children and adults to wake with more energy. By sleeping better, adults and children may also be less irritable during the day. Because sleep strengthens the brain, helping the brain to store data from experiences that occurred during the day, using quality window treatments could also positively impact one of the smallest yet most powerful parts of the body.


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