I like to keep my home up to date and contemporary, so I’m always changing the décor – I like to mix things up and constantly improve. So my number one tip is to decorate your walls and floors neutrally, then use soft furnishing to make it look stylish. It means that it’s easier to make changes in your home and makes it less expensive too! You can buy soft furnishing online at a really good price – I love getting a bargain.

I usually focus my attention on refreshing my window dressings as they’re the first thing that people notice when they step into rooms in my home – I like to make a feature out of them. I do this by changing the curtains, net curtains, and tiebacks and getting my inspiration from various sources, including home style magazines and online blogs.

When choosing which tiebacks to use, the most important thing is to ensure they don’t clash with your curtains. You’ll find tiebacks available in a variety of different colors, including both monochrome and brightly colored designs. Another thing you have to think about is to make sure your tiebacks are practical – there’s no point having nice delicate tiebacks if your curtains are really heavy as the tiebacks will break. Finally, you’ll notice that tiebacks come in a wide range of different materials So that you can quickly select a design to match your curtains. I like using delicate, sparkly tiebacks to add a glamorous element to my home.

Buying curtains is a simple process that people often shy away from; they think it can be complicated due to the sizes; however, it’s pretty simple. If you’re not sure about how to choose curtains, you’ll be able to find a guide online that will talk you through it step by step. Your curtains need to be both stylish and practical. Thick curtains will help to block out any draughts, and adding blackout curtain linings is a good idea if you’re trying to make a room darker in summer (especially if the little ones are trying to get some sleep).

I always hang net curtains up at my windows even though many people see them as outdated. You can find some contemporary designs, and I tend to go for a crisp white net curtain to suit the rest of my modern décor.

They make my windows look great, and they help to keep my home secure too. They add an extra element of privacy to your home because they don’t allow people to see through into your home but allow you to see out still. The great thing about this is that it lets the sun get in, not prying eyes!

Another thing I like about net curtains is that they can help you save money on heating bills, as even though they’re fairly thin, they can still help block out draughts.


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