Wall coverings are taking over the market at an alarming rate. Ceramic tiles, wallpapers, glass mosaics, etc., are replacing the traditional paint works on the walls at different locations inside homes. These products are available variety of designs and shades to suit the needs of the people using these products. The variants can be seen online on web stores or simply by personally visiting the showrooms for the same.

Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles are used to decorate the dado areas and are available in various forms, sizes, and designs. The glass tiles are also available in long sheet tile patterns, border pencils, and mosaics. In the era of innovative interiors, glass tile backsplash in kitchens, bathrooms, and lobbies add grandeur to the other elements present in the vicinity. Glass Tiles have a unique identity. They will surely attract a glimpse of the onlookers as they pass by.

Highlighter Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles in strip format are available in customizable sizes, and the print atop can be selected by the size and preference of the clients. The High definition printing on ultra-thin vinyl sheets and sandwiching the same creates a beautiful tile that can be used as a highlighter on the walls amidst other tiles to add a distinct identity to the backsplashes. Beautiful waterfalls and other natural sceneries can also be installed on the walls of living rooms, bedrooms, etc., to add a personal touch to the walls.

Glass Border Pencils

The glass border pencils are placed in between to add a distinct identity to the backsplash ceramic tiles. These pencils are available with metallic textures, various colors, and awesome combinations. Pencils are available in sizes ranging from 1/2 “- 4”. Pencils are used in many other artistic manners as well, according to genius minds working tirelessly to beautify internal spaces. 

Glass border pencils are indeed a must-have to achieve an eccentric look that appeals to the eyes of the onlookers, and barely can anyone not notice the glamour added by these glass border pencils.

Glass Mosaics

Glass mosaics are the most widely used glass tiles. Stuck on a mesh net and arranged in vivid patterns and color combinations, mosaics can be applied in various locations. Backsplashes, swimming pools, Bathrooms, etc., are the areas where glass mosaics are most widely used. Glass Mosaics can also be arranged on highlight walls in specific patterns, and even logos and nameplates can also be created.

Mosaics are available in various finishes like bubbles, crackled effect, stone cuts, unfinished cuts, etc. various people have varied choices, and glass mosaic tiles are available in ample options to choose from. Moreover, swimming pools and bathroom dados are decorated in various pixelated designs, mesmerizing the onlookers and making such decor memorable for those who live in such places.

Where To Find Glass Tiles Online?

Various virtual stores are available online for people seeking glass tiles. wholesalersusainc is one such website that offers attractive glass tiles at affordable prices. In addition, the website offers lucrative discounts along with a large range to choose from.


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