Getting the Right Measurements

Moving to a new home brings a lot of excitement, joy, and sometimes—stress—because it requires a lot of decoration and a couple of minor furnishing. Purchasing ready-made window blinds may seem an appropriate option, only to discover that some of them do not perfectly fit one’s window frames.

It is a good thing that there is a simple solution to this dilemma which is purchasing custom blinds. While the said home accessories can be purchased from malls or retail stores, they can also be bought from online companies such as Purchasing from the latter makes the shopping experience more comfortable and much easier.

The only thing interested individuals need to be mindful of is how to measure the dimensions of custom blinds.

How to Measure Custom Blinds

The most critical aspect of obtaining bespoke blinds is taking accurate measurements, and some specific guidelines must be followed to get them as accurate as possible.

First, use steel measuring tapes to get the dimensions because this simple act can help get the exact readings. The figures should not be rounded off and should be taken to the nearest centimeter or inch.

Those who will get the measurement should carefully indicate the height and width of the frame since it is easy to mix up the two. Also, it should not happen because homeowners may get custom blinds that do not fit their window frames.

Homeowners who plan to mount their custom blinds to the interiors of their window frames need to make sure to submit accurate measurements to manufacturers. It is important because they will eliminate a couple of inches from the height and width measurements to ensure that the window coverings perfectly complement their windows.

By following the tips mentioned above, homeowners will be assured that they will get the perfect set of custom blinds that will perfectly fit their window frames.


Custom blinds are one-of-a-kind accessories that can enhance home decor, regardless of window dimensions. Interested individuals who want to make their interiors unique and captivating can opt for faux or classic wood units that come in various finishes and sizes.

In addition, interested homeowners can even inject their personality into the custom blinds that they will purchase. Overall, purchasing the said window accessories can also be an enjoyable activity for those who have just moved into their new home.


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