Living in an area with a lot of sunlight, there are many reasons why you should invest in a sunroom or patio cover. Many decks are upgraded each year. The enclosed deck will allow you to keep insect-free and dry all year long. When a sunroom is built on top of a deck, an individual can enjoy the outdoor scenery and the nice breezes each summer and right into the fall without worrying about extreme temperatures or rain.

1. Adds Value To Your Home

One of the greatest reasons why sun-rooms are popular is that, as an industry fact, they will add more value to your home. This enclosed area can help add a valuable amount of amenity square footage to your house that you can use for almost anything at any given time of year. In addition, typically, you can save on the costs of foundation if your deck meets the requirements of your local building code. With these plans in mind, it is best if you get in touch with a professional from patio enclosures to determine whether or not the added load and weight that your deck might have will have the ability to meet the code.

2. Reduces Your Annual Maintenance

Another reason why people enjoy sun-rooms is now they don’t need to worry about cleaning sticks and leaves off of their deck before they engage in entertainment. There is also no need for annual painting, sealing, power washing, and staining. You don’t have to repeatedly remove your cushions or patio cover back and forth to keep them protected and dry. You won’t find a better place to enjoy the company of your family and friends than within your brand new enclosed sun-room

3. Enjoy the Outdoors While Your Indoors

Inside your brand new sun-room enclosure, you can add track lighting, electrical outlets, ceiling fans, and much more that you find interesting and fun. By having a sun-room enclosure, you can enjoy this area all year round or for an extended season. Additionally, you won’t have to immediately clean up after being outside. Instead, you can feel free to grab your belongings and bring them inside at a more convenient time without the worry of wind or rain. With this new sun-room addition, you can enjoy every day like a vacation in your backyard.

4. Feel Like You Are Outdoors

Mesh screens made of fiberglass are usually used for most sun-rooms and patio covers. Full fitted screens that are outside of the operating windows will allow you to open all of the windows within the sunroom to receive full ventilation and to make you feel like you are really in the outdoors. As of recently, the technology of screening has improved vastly. Some screens are manufactured with a finer and tighter pattern of mesh. The screen that results is almost invisible to the eyes. Therefore, the light and visibility transmittance from inside the room is outstanding.

Moreover, the airflow is greatly improved, allowing you to enjoy a better breeze within the room, giving you a feeling of truly being outside. In contrast, you comfortably enjoy the protection from the weather inside the room. Many individuals who have sun-room enclosures often enjoy those gentle summer days of rain. The smell and relaxation of the fresh rain while staying completely dry within the enclosure is the nicest way to wind down on your afternoons of leisure.

5. Upgrades In The Future

The final reason regarding an enclosure around your deck is that maybe later, you might want to upgrade to a year-round sunroom. It can be arranged only if your contractor knows your plans in advance. Understand that an enclosure of year-round vinyl is the best when insulating your area against the harsh conditions of elements, plus it is the most efficient for energy.

If you are looking into having your deck enclosed, make sure you ask yourself what benefits you would receive from enclosing it. Afterward, talk to a patio enclosure professional and figure out your options and what will work best with your home and family.



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