If you want to find tiles that can provide a traditional appearance to your home, then you can opt for the type of tiles used in the subway tunnels of New York City during the 1900s. Unfortunately, we do not change the tiles of our home often, so it is necessary to install the type of tiles that suits the home’s design and which are well suited for the house’s color scheme.

Most Appropriate For Kitchen And Bathroom

More and more people are opting for retro-style tiles in their contemporary homes. Especially for kitchen and bathroom areas, they need tiles that will provide a neat look with very little use of grout. Subway tiles come in different measurements and are very easy to install. You can achieve an excellent bricklike look in your kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms. It is possible to use it in other rooms by creating mosaic designs using the different colored tiles. These tiles are suitable for areas exposed to sunlight and water.

Why These Retro Tiles Are A Good Option?

  • The traditional ceramic tiles are trendy because they offer many benefits.
  • They are highly resistant to stains as the ceramic can resist water
  • it is straightforward to clean and maintain these tiles
  • Full-sized subway and mini tiles are available in the market for the convenience of the customers.

If you want to achieve tighter wall patterns, you can opt for the mini tiles. However, for larger areas, it is better to use full-sized tiles. You can determine which size and color will match your room by ordering samples from the dealers.


The traditional tiles offer a variety of colors to choose from, and the latest type among them is the glass tiles. It would help if you used the proper grout to stick the tile to the walls. It is possible to select the grout color which will provide the uniform or contrast look you want on your walls. Finding the correct type of tiles from reliable dealers online is possible.

Choosing The Subway Tiles

It is easy to choose the subway tile if you visit the website of online dealers. You can go through the variety of tiles available from a particular dealer and compare the products and rates with other dealers. Make sure that the company you are opting to buy the tile from is a reliable company and regular in delivering. You can order sample tiles from these online sites to make sure that you are going to get what you want. If the color and size of the tile perfectly fit your need, you can make the bulk order. Making bulk orders may reduce the price of the tiles. If you want to know more about these tiles, you can log on to any website that deals with subway tiles. One such website is glasstilediscounters.com, where you can find mini and full-size tiles for different needs.


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