Many people are unsure where to hang voile curtains in the home, but the answer is pretty much anywhere! I like to use them up against French doors, interior doors, and windows. They can go in every room in the house, but I tend not to use them in my kitchen and bathroom as I prefer to keep fabrics out of these areas and stick to Venetian blinds.

Another great place where you could use voile curtains is in a conservatory; it’s the perfect place to put them to use. The difference that hanging up a few voile curtains makes to your home is amazing … when visitors come to my home, they first point out how lovely the voile curtains make my home look.

My sister struggles with space in her apartment and has found that by using a mixture of good storage, large mirrors, and brightly colored voile curtains, she’s managed to enhance the space at her place. The brightly colored voile curtains stand out and make a room pop which is why it makes a room look bigger in her home … keeping walls painted neutrally is essential if you’re aiming for this look. I’d give adding voile curtains to your home a go as they have many benefits, and they’re a great price too, which is a bonus.

Many people see voile curtains as fairly traditional; however, they fit in well with my modern home. You’ll always find me flicking through home-style magazines, and this is where I first picked up the voile curtains trend. My eyes are always peeled for a home-style snatch, and this is the best one I’ve used to date!

Voile curtains help a room to look bright and fresh. I usually like the plain, white, crisp varieties in my home, and I love how the sun shines through them in the summer; it’s really important to get plenty of sunshine into your home to achieve a fresh look.

If you want a more traditional look in your home, I suggest selecting a voile curtain that is patterned or includes floral detail. There are some really pretty designs that I would love to use in my home however don’t feel they would quite go with the rest of my contemporary interior.

I’ll often be fixed to my computer screen, flicking through Pinterest and interior design blogs to find ideas on how to incorporate voile curtains into my home …

I’ve found some fantastic tips in the past, and one of my favorite finds was hanging sparkly voile curtains around my little girl’s bedroom. It made for a girly, fun look that looked cute at the same time. When the sun shines through her window and catches the sparkles, it shines beads of light onto her pink walls, and she thinks it looks ‘magical.’

Although many different colors of voile curtains are available, I prefer the plain white variety as I think they look really clean and modern.


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